Another breakthrough of JHCTECH! KMDA-7610/7920/7921 is officially launched

Another breakthrough of JHCTECH! KMDA-7610/7920/7921 is officially launched

As the demand for high-performance CPUs in various industries continues to increase, JHCTECH has made another breakthrough, adding a new member to the KMDA family - the new high-performance fanless embedded industrial edge computing node product KMDA-7610/7920/7921 made a stunning debut . The new product is positioned as an Intel Alder lake expandable BOX PC. The appearance follows the KMDA 6 series, equipped with Intel® 12th generation Alder Lake-S/13th generation Raptor lake-S series processors.

           KMDA-7610                            KMDA-7920                            KMDA-7921

KMDA-7610/7920/7921 series are all fanless high-performance box computers, using H610 chipset, equipped with Intel® 12th generation Alder lake-S/13th generation Raptor lake-S series processors, with complete IO functions, moderate in size and rich expansion flexibility, it is suitable for industries and fields such as industrial automation, highway toll collection, security monitoring, and environmental protection testing.


New Product  KMDA-7610/7920/7921

01 High performance processor

02 High performance kernel display

  • Xe Architecture Intel® Hypercore graphics card 770, up to 32 EUs
  • 1 resolution up to 4K and 1 resolution 8K display output
  • Windows implements Genlock (synchronous phase lock) video synchronization
  • Graphics and display virtualization, 2 video decoders (VDbox)
  • VNNI instruction Intel® DL Boost and int8/dp4 instruction +Open VINO, Improve image AI inference performance 

03 Support high frequency memory 

04 (1+2) Storage selection 

05 Varied pcles/pc extensions 

KMDA-7920 is a standard double extension, and the KMDA-7921 is a standard 4 extension design.

06 Support GPU graphics card /AI acceleration card 

07 Flexible and versatile function IO extension


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