JHCTECH launched a high-performance AIoT multi-architecture edge computing system BRAV-7720/7721

JHCTECH launched a high-performance AIoT multi-architecture edge computing system BRAV-7720/7721

Recently, JHCTECH held an online new product launch conference - a new product of the high-performance AIoT multi-architecture edge computing system BRAV-7720/7721 was launched, covering smart transportation, high-precision machine vision and other industries. It is worth noting that this is a high-performance AIoT multi-architecture edge computing system that is based on BRAV-7520/7521 products, reproduced and innovated, and iteratively upgraded. The launch of BRAV-7720/7721 complements the product coverage of the BRAV series in the Internet of Vehicles market, and further improves the layout of the series products in the vehicle-road coordination market.

                    BRAV-7720                                                                          BRAV-7721


BRAV-7720/7721 is a workstation-grade Edge computing system, powered by Intel® Alder Lake-S series CPU, Q670 chipset, dual-channel DDR5 memory, and dual/four PCIe expansions. Flexible optional computing power, multi  IO interfaces, high PFC power supply, high efficiency cooling solution and industrial grade reliability design, very suitable for V2X MEC, highway event detection, unmanned experiment vehicle and high-precision machine vision and other fields and applications.

New Product  BRAV-7720/7721

01 High energy efficiency CPU

02 High performance GPU

  • Xe Architecture Intel® Hypercore graphics Card 770, up to 32 EUs
  • 1 resolution up to 4K and 1 resolution 8K display output
  • Windows implements Genlock (synchronous phase lock) video synchronization
  • Graphics and display virtualization, 2 Video decoders (VDbox)
  • VNNI instruction Intel® DL Boost and int8/dp4 instruction +Open VINO, Improve image AI reasoning performance

03 High frequency memory Supports

  • The dual-channel DDR5 SODIMM frequency is 4800MHz
  • Maximum memory capacity 64GB
  • High compatibility supports most mainstream memory manufacturers in the market

04 (1+1+2) quad storage

  • 1x M.2 2280 M-Key(Gen4, PCIeX4 signal),supports NVME high-speed solid-state storage disks
  • 1x F-Mini PCIe (PCIeX1 or SATA signal) automatically detects mSATA
  • 2x 2.5 "SATA3 hot-swappable hard disk rack supports 15mm HDDS and RAID 0/1

05 Complete network solution

  • 2x Intel I226V+1x Intel I219LMChip, 3 megabit network port;
  • 1x F-Mini PCIe (PCIeX1+USB signal)With SIM card slot, can support 4G LTE or Wifi wireless
  • 1x M.2 B-Key 3052(PCIeX1+USB signal) With SIM card slot, support 5G NR module;
  • 1x F-Mini PCIe (PCIeX1 or SATAsignal) optional ECB-246 or 279 double gigabit network port,through the I- Port; 
  • Multiple Gigabit or 10-gigabit network ports are available through PCIe slots.
  • The above complete network scheme enables the system to access multi-channel sensing equipment, communicate with the cloud, and connect wirelessly to the mobile base station at the same time, ensuring independent bandwidth for signal acquisition, data communication and information release.

06 vPro remote management

I219LM network chip + Core I5/I7/I9 CPU

07 Multiple extensions

  • The PCIe signal pulled from the CPU is Gen5.0/Gen4.0.
  • The BRAV-7720 is a standard dual-expansion design, while the BRAV-7721 is a standard 4-expansion design.
  • It can implement four channels of full PCIe expansion (2xPCIeX8+2xPCIeX4), partial PCIe and partial PCI, or all PCI.
  • In addition to the five expansion subcards listed in the following table, you can also customize other expansion specifications as required.

08 Supports GPU cards or AI accelerator cards with different computing power

  • 5mm deep body length, can accommodate the length of less than 300-320mm cards;
  • The power supply with the maximum power output of 1000W can ensure the power supply requirements of dual 350W GPU(or single 450W+ single 350W).
  • The unique power supply design of the expansion card ensures the power supply stability of 75W and 150W acceleration cards and GPU cards of different power levels.
  • Passive acceleration cards or GPU cards with different power are equipped with different air duct components to dissipate heat. If the acceleration card or GPU card is active with a fan, no air duct component is required.

09 Practical power supply design

  • Four models with two power (600W and 1000W), three sets of power supply design(DC 12V/1000W, DC 9-55V/600W and DC 9-55V/1000W);
  • DC-IN 12V non-wide-voltage power supply solution, equipped with high PFC wide-temperature AC-DC switching power supply
  • The DC-IN 9-55V wide-voltage power supply solution applies to the DC power supply environment and mobile vehicle scenarios.
  • More than 96% DC-DC conversion efficiency, with under voltage protection UVP, over voltage protection OVP, over current protection OCP and high temperature protection OTP.

10 Efficient heat dissipation design

  • CPU and PCH adopt large aluminum extruded profiles without fan passive heat dissipation design, operating temperature range -20~+60℃;
  • 70,000-hour life of high temperature fan, sensor collection of the inner ring temperature of the chassis, through the MCU intelligent speed control, to ensure the acceleration of the heat dissipation card and achieve energy saving and noise reduction.
  • IO function cards, acceleration cards and GPU cards adopt active air cooling design and rely on chassis fans to achieve heat dissipation through linear air ducts.

11 Overall shock absorption

  • WP model adopts shock-absorbing chassis as mounting bracket to ensure seismic effect in mobile environment;
  • Non - wide - press models have 6 cushioning rubber foot pads.

12 DC 12V/6A external power supply interface

Synchronizing the power supply timing of radars, RSU and other equipment

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