【Product Solution】Intelligent Video Inspection System of Rail Freight

【Product Solution】Intelligent Video Inspection System of Rail Freight

SIGM-3251| JHC Solution for Intelligent Video Inspection System of Rail Freight


The advent of high-speed rail technology has opened up a "speed revolution" in railway transportation, the application of artificial intelligence technology could further create an "intelligent revolution" in railway transportation.


As one of the main overland transport modes, railway transportation plays an important role in the mass flow of people and goods to support its economic development. Rail freight transport ensures the seamless and efficient flow of goods in local and also across borders. With the rising freight volumes, infrastructure development and adoption of sophisticated technology, it accelerates the growth in rail freight transport. Besides, the increasing traffic, emissions and cost also draw governments’ attention to rail freight transport. For instance, the rail freight transport between Europe and China is increasing and around 59 cities in China hold rail freight links with nearly 49 cities across Europe. Because of the importance of rail freight transport, there is a need to improve freight security and efficiency, and some more intelligent technologies for safe and efficient rail freight transport are emerging, such as intelligent rail freight inspection. 

01 The development of rail freight inspection



Human Inspection-Machine Inspection- Intelligent Video Inspection System for the loading status of rail freight car


Traditionally, the rail freight carinspection is normally operated by railway personnel. However, it is hard to effectively ensure the inspection quality due to the high labor intensity and safety risks. At JHCTECH, we are helping rail freightInspection by deploying cutting-edge intelligent identification system solutions that transform the inspection precision, improve safety and efficiency. 

02 The function of intelligent rail freight inspection

1) Intelligent information collection: collecting the high-definition images, driving status, and basic vehicle information from scanning equipment, sensors and other identification equipment.

2) Synchronous intelligent recognition: Deep learning technology completes the identification and labeling of vehicle problems simultaneously.

3) Intelligent broadcast of passing cars: Intelligent play of recognition results, voice alarm prompts, and quick problem handling.

4) Generate rail freight inspection report: The system automatically generates inspection report and archives after the inspection is completed, which is convenient for statistical analysis

5) Data archiving and uploading: Clearing, categorizing, and archiving data of passing rail freight car inspection, providing data support for big data analysis.


03 The Advantages of Intelligent Rail Freight Inspection


High-precision real-time monitoring;

24/7 All Day Operation;

Fast Inspection. Save Time.



Artificial intelligence recognition algorithm to cover common security risks;

Clear, Precise, Safe and Efficient;

Higher recognition rate than human inspection and machine inspection.


Automatic alarm for hidden dangers;

Visualization + Audible & Visual Alarm


★ JHCTECH Rail Freight Inspection Solution

SIGM-3251, as the MEC of trackside AI edge computing, is the brain at the edge of the entire inspection system, and it is also a new AIoT multi-architecture product of JHCTECH in railway transport. Using the X86 embedded platform + Cambricon MLU220T accelerator architecture solution, it can realize the functions of device access, video acquisition, communication management, AI reasoning and deep learning, data storage and forwarding, brake alarm and remote management. The following specific operation steps can be completed in this system: intelligent information collection, synchronous intelligent identification, intelligent alarm for passing rail freight car, generation of rail freight inspection reports, and data archiving and uploading.

Topography of SIGM-3251 in intelligent freight detection system

SIGM-3251 is a fanlessbox computer. The product adopts the JHCTECH OSBC design specification. The STX-I907 motherboard and ECB-262 daughter card are connected through the JHCTECH Express-01 high-speed interface bus without cables.The customized ECB-262 daughter card, onboard Cambricon MLU220 chip and 4GB LPDDR4 memory exchangedata through PCIeX2 (gen.3) and X86 Core CPU, while expanding SFP (small form-factor pluggable)for background management Communication, multi-channel Gigabit Ethernet port to connect area scancameras. The specific hardware physical architecture is as follows:

★ SIGM-3251 Features

Aluminum chasiss, Fanless & All-In-OneRugged design

Intel® Skylake/Kabylake-U CPU

Ch DDR4, On-board 4GB+LPDDR4 4GB

Cambricon MLU220 AI Accelerator, AI 8TOPS (INT8)

1*DP, 1*VGA, Dual display

4*LAN, 1*SFP, 6*USB, built-in dongle interface

4* Iso. COM, 8-bit programmable GPIO with LED

4*Mini PCIe(opt. 1*mSATA),supportGPS/WiFi/LTE/4G  

EN50155 certified,support TPM2.0

Railway power DC9-36V wide power input