Replacing NUC needs, JHCTECH makes a difference

Replacing NUC needs, JHCTECH makes a difference

According to foreign media ServetheHome, Intel has begun to notify its ecosystem partners that it will stop direct investment in the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) business.


What is NUC?

In simple terms, a NUC is a small personal computer (PC), somewhat similar to a Mac mini. It is a compact and highly integrated computing device that can provide powerful performance and flexible deployment options. Meanwhile, NUCs typically feature processors from Intel and other internal components such as graphics processing units (GPUs), memory, storage, and networking. By design, a NUC is smaller than a traditional desktop but functionally equivalent.

NUC provides a portable, highly integrated solution suitable for a variety of application scenarios, including home entertainment, office environments, digital signage, industrial automation, embedded systems, etc.


Where will usage requirements go from here?

Regarding Intel's cessation of direct investment in the NUC business, many netizens asked: What will happen to customers who need portable and highly integrated product solutions?

At this time, JHCTECH must be mentioned. Founded in 2002, relying on rich industry experience and strong scientific research background, it implements the strategic policy of "scenario empowering product innovation", continues to focus on the R&D and production of AI edge computing and system application platforms, and realizes the "Internet of Things, Connecting Everything" "The Age of Wisdom. At the same time, JHCTECH has maintained a cooperative relationship with Intel for many years and is a gold partner of Intel's Internet of Things solutions.

JHCTECH pays attention to product development and innovation. We also put a lot of energy into product research and development. It has designed and developed a variety of exquisite and compact products that can be used to replace NUC. Let us focus on the following!


"Pocket PC" KGEC-6200

As a brand new edge controller, KGEC-6200 is equipped with an Elkhart lake SoC CPU series processor, 1*DDR4 3200 SO-DIMM, maximum support of 32GB, complete I0 functions, and flexible power supply selection. With a fanless heat dissipation structure and modular design, the Mini model is suitable for installation in limited space.

At the same time, JHCTECH is conducting a hot promotion for the KGEC-6200 machine. If you have any needs, you can also get in touch with us through the following:




KMDA-2630 is a compact fanless embedded box computer with ultra-low power consumption, equipped with Intel Elkhart lake SoC Celeron series quad-core or dual-core processors, supports 2.5G bandwidth network and dual USB3.1gen2 10G high-speed ports, with comprehensive IO functions, the aluminum profile has no fan for cooling, small and exquisite.


In the future, JHCTECH will continue to devote itself to innovative research and development of products, pay attention to product quality and seize opportunities bravely, implement the strategic goal of "empowering product innovation with scenarios", and continue to bring high-quality and professional services to customers.


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