Application | KMDA-3610 to Empower Smart Agriculture

Application | KMDA-3610 to Empower Smart Agriculture

Application|JHCTECH KMDA-3610 to Empower Smart Agriculture

Smart agriculture is a rising domain that brings the benefits of digital transformation from artificial intelligence, automation, and linked big data into the agricultural industry. Innovative and modern technology gives new insight and transfers traditional animal farming to a new page.

In Taiwan's poultry farm, JHCTECH KMDA-3610 for IoT provides a reliable hardware solution for poultry health and epidemic prevention.

Customers Application Requirements:

In current poultry farming, automation and analysis are increasingly important in livestock management and help reduce the workforce, which is highly welcome in this area. Chicken inspection is a critical point for daily routine jobs of broiler producers of poultry farming and usually requires a considerable workforce. Therefore, an autonomous chicken inspection robot is a solution to reduce the farmers’ workload framing and improve bird health with better welfare.

A livestock farm company (based in Pingtung, Taiwan) developed an inspection robot deployed on fixed rails in a farming house as an initial experiment field. JHC tech provides the high-performance and intelligent platform used as the master controller of the robot of this farm which executes chicken inspectional tasks and collects the environment data to the cloud for analysis.

  1. Use AWS IoT service to connect the cloud and the KMDA3610 on-premises and upload all the information to the cloud.
  2. Use KMDA-3610 to collect environmental information on livestock farms, such as temperature, humidity, CO2, wind speed, etc.
  3. Use Lora to communicate with the chicken inspection robot in the farm area and execute the client-server interaction and remote control.


Solution Description: KMDA-3610 Embedded Box Computer

KMDA-3610/S001 remotely controls the inspection robot to execute chicken inspectional tasks and collect the environment data to the cloud for further analysis. It provides excellent performance as an IoT gateway and tasks manager in this application.

In this case, due to the dirty environment of the farm, the high specification requirements for the hardware are as follows:

  1. WIFI/4G antenna: to collect environment data and remote monitor from the cloud.
  2. Fan-less design: to avoid bringing farm and chicken dust & pollution inside the computer
3. Image collector: to collect robot images to the cloud for further inspection.
4. Com port: to support RS232/485 for environmental sensors.
  3. Long-term stability: the system has to work stable in dirty and harsh environments.

JHCTECH'S KMDA-3610 is an industrial-grade fanless chassis that perfectly matches the customer's requirements. Equipped with Intel Skylake- S/Kabylake-s Celeron/Pentium/ Core 13/15/17 processors to meet CPU requirements. KMDA-3610 has DC 12V-24V wide voltage input and -20 ~ 65°C, SSD /10~ 55°C, HDD operating temperature range, can work in harsh environments, and has passed the anti-vibration and anti-shock tests to guarantee high reliability.

KMDA-3610 Key Features

  • Aluminum chassis, fanless design  
  • Intel® Kabylake-S/Skylake-S CPU
  • 2*DDR4 2400/2133MHz SODIMM, Up to 32GB
  • DP+HDMI+VGA, Optional 3 independent displays  
  • 2*LAN, 4*USB3.0, 3*USB2.0, 4*COM,(8+16)bit DIO
  • 1*Mini PCIe(PCIe+USB),1*M.2 2242 B-Key
  • 1*mSATA, 2*2.5" SATA, suppprt Raid0,1(Q170)
  • Support Intel® iVpro and TPM2.0
  • DC 12~24V Wide Power Input