JHCTECH Hosts Successful First Global Partner Conference in Shenzhen, China

From February 18th to 19th, 2023, JHCTECH successfully held its first Global Partner Conference (China Region) in Shenzhen, attracting over 100 partners from 22 provinces and 4 municipalities in China. The two-day event, themed "Empowerment & Symbiosis" strengthened the company's cooperation with its distributors and was the opportunity for JHCTECH to present its enhanced innovation, products competitiveness, and support service, and all attendees get the chance to share the latest market trends, explore ways to achieve win-win cooperation, as well as achieve joint development.

JHCTECH Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year 2023

On the occasion of the New Chinese Year of the Rabbit, JHCTECH would like to extend greetings and blessings to all our partners and customers who have supported us for years!

JHCTECH Moves to New Location and Marches Towards New Milestones

On December 15th JHCTECH announced its relocation to Refong Optoelectronics Building, Guangming District, Shenzhen. A grand housewarming ceremony was held to celebrate this event. In the future, the company will expand new business with its new look, which symbolizes entering a new milestone. Guests gathered at the housewarming party and witnessed the unveiling ceremony of the new office. 

JHCTECH launched the compact AMR controller KGEC-6200

On November 22, JHCTECH held the KGEC new product launch online, which brought a new compact AMR controller KGEC-6200. Let's take a look at the main exciting highlights of the product.

Application | JHCTECH AI Edge Computing Empowers Holographic Intersections in Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Demonstration Zone

Since 2015, China's intelligent connected vehicle demonstration zones have begun to sprout. Many demonstration zones, including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Changchun, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan, etc., have been officially implemented. Shanghai International Automobile City is the first Chinese domestic pilot demonstration zone for intelligent connected vehicles approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its project includes three test areas with complementary functions: a closed test area, an open road for 5G+MEC+V2X, and an open road for 4G+MEC +V2X.

The Intelligent Networked Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Demonstration Zone project has built 50 new holographic intersections to ensure the efficient coordination of vehicles, roads, as well as an all-around infrastructure implementation environment for clouds, networks, and roads. This infrastructure enables environments' all-element fusion perception of people, vehicles, and road events and supports innovative application exploration of autonomous driving.

Application | JHCTECH's In-Vehicle Computing Unit Supports ADAS Open Road Data Collection

In recent years, the automotive industry has been rapidly developing, paving the way for many innovations and new trends. With the rapid increase in consumer demand for high-performance cars, commercial vehicles with autonomous driving are gradually gaining recognition in the market. Safety is the most critical factor in the development process of autonomous vehicles. According to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in the United States, driver error accounted for 94% of traffic accidents, with identification errors being the most common cause. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is one of the key active safety systems for vehicles, closely related to the vehicle power system, brake system, and steering system. ADAS vehicle control system requires high reliability. Using such advanced driver assistance systems will help to reduce traffic accidents, injuries, and deaths thanks to human error avoidance. Therefore, road testing of ADAS controllers' functions and performance is essential.

Application | JHCTECH Assists a Major Chinese Player in Energy Storage to implement EV charging mobile system

In recent years, with the continuous acceleration of the electrification process, new energy vehicles have become more and more popular; according to the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)", by 2025, sales of new energy vehicles will account for 20% of total vehicle annual sales. The rapid development of new energy vehicles has increased the demand for charging piles, combined with the support of policies such as "new infrastructure" and "steady growth" so that the market size of new energy charging piles has increased from 7.2 billion RMB in 2017 to 41.87 billion RMB in 2021. The market size is expected to reach 80.96 billion RMB in 2022.

Application | ALAD Industrial Panel PC brings Intelligence to Warehousing and Logistics

The recent strong development of the logistics industry has been made possible thanks to higher-scale automation and intelligent manufacturing, which are now an irreversible trend for this industry. Automated and intelligent handling tools, including unmanned forklifts, have ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. The application of unmanned forklifts and AGV/AMR in industrial production, warehousing, and logistics is clearly the trend of further market growth. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)s integrate with forklifts, and their application in the field of warehousing and logistics has gradually expanded in recent years. Thanks to the cooperation of traditional forklift manufacturers, AGV manufacturers, logistics integrators, and warehousing robot companies, the unmanned forklift market is developing rapidly and becoming more and more competitive.

New Arrival | JHCTECH released a new cutting-edge masterpiece - a high-performance industrial edge controller KGEC-6500

JHCTECH has created one product after another in twenty years of development worthy of recognition. Through continuous exploration, JHCTECH has always been at the forefront of the industry's technology. After the research team's dedicated research and overcoming the technical difficulties of product application, JHCTECH officially released a new cutting-edge masterpiece - the high-performance industrial edge controller KGEC-6500.

Application | KMDA-2630 Empowers the Automation Management System of Genova Port, Italy

The gate of the container terminal is a crucial business department for import and export containers and various transport machinery. Goods handover, document processing, and other information must be recorded and exchanged between the terminal and the container carrier. This department is commonly called the "throat" of the port. It represents how this service directly affects the operation ability of the whole terminal and how intelligent management is essential to realize efficient port traffic.

New Arrival | 4U rack-mounted multi-platform industrial computer PADR-S501

JHCTECH held the "2022 JHCTECH Q3 New Product Launch Webinar" at its Shenzhen headquarters. With the theme of "Extraordinary Efficiency, Extreme Innovation," the webinar announced the new Q3 products of JHCTECH. The specific information, including the bus-type motion control market rookie: high-performance industrial edge controller--KAGO-6500; 4U rack-mounted multi-platform industrial computer PADR-S501 series representing the young new force.

News | Congrats to BRAV-7601 for receiving the 2022 Vision Systems Design China Innovators Award!!

October 12, 2022, JHCTECH, a professional leader in the intelligent IoT system industry, won Vision Systems Design China's 2022 Innovators Awards for its AI edge computing system BRAV-7601. The ceremony was hosted by ACT International and held at the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Hongqiao. On-site, nearly 300 professionals from all over China, witnessed the industry's finest hour.

Application | ALAD Industrial Panel PC for enhanced Smart Metallurgical Manufacturing

The steel manufacturing process is a vital process in the manufacturing industry. In modern factories, Industrial IoT serves as the gateway to the digital transformation toward a smarter factory. Connected and intelligent devices open a new window for process visibility, big data integration, artificial intelligence, and automation. These innovative modern technologies bring new perspectives and insights to the industry and open a new chapter to steel manufacturing.

【New Arrival】JHCTECH released the universal industrial-grade large motherboard MATX-I964

JHCTECH launched a universal industrial-grade large motherboard MATX-I964 with an Intel Coffee lake processor. The industrial motherboard with Intel H310 chipset supports Intel 8/9th Gen Core i9/i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron CPU. It is designed by the standard Micro ATX motherboard specification and can be adapted to all 4U and wall-mounted chassis on the market. Ideal for machine vision, CNC machinery, and data acquisition.

【New Arrival】ECM-I913 | JHCTECH released 3.5-inch multi-function embedded motherboard

On July 22, JHCTECH released three series of 5 products in the online new product launch conference in the third quarter of 2022, namely "Intel Tiger lake-U Multifunctional 3.5-inch SBC—ECM-I913" and "Intel Coffee Lake Universal Industrial Motherboard—MATX-I964" and "Intel Comet Lake Scalable BOX PC Series—KMDA-6610/6920/6921". 5 new products are trendy once they are launched. The released ECM-I913 is a standard 3.5-inch multi-function embedded motherboard, equipped with Intel® Tiger lake U Soc CPU, complete IO functions, flexible power supply selection, active and passive heat dissipation, and compact size suitable for installation in limited space scenarios; it is ideal for industries and fields such as AGV and AMR, medical inspection, machine vision, industrial control, digital city, and intelligent security.