JHCTECH's first NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform new product BRAV-7131 is launched

JHCTECH's first NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform new product BRAV-7131 is launched

Recently, JHCTECH launched the first NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform BRAV new product, a multi-functional high-computing AI edge computing system --- BRAV-7131, covering intelligent transportation, high-precision machine vision and other industries. The new product BRAV-7131 is JHCTECH's first attempt to develop based on the ARM architecture and NVIDIA Jetson Orin platform, and it is also another major breakthrough in industry-oriented and market-oriented research and development. The launch of BRAV-7131 has strengthened JHCTECH's product lines of various platform architectures and broadened product coverage.



BRAV-7131 is equipped with NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin 32/64GB module, 8/12 cores ARM CPU and high performance GPU, up to 200/275TOPS AI performance, onboard 32/64G memory and 64G storage, multichannel IO and clock synchronization, DC 9-36V wide voltage power supply. It can be used as MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) for intelligent transportation, machine vision, intelligent logistics and other industries. 

New Product  BRAV-7131

01 High energy efficiency CPU

02 High performance GPU

03 High computational DLA&PVA

04 Onboard memory and storage

05 1+3 quad storage

06 Complete network solution

07 Multiple clock synchronization schemes

08 Multiplex isolated I/O interface

09 Efficient heat dissipation design

10 Whole machine Shock absorption design


11 DC-OUT Power supply output

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