【New Arrival】New Members in the KDMA family! KMDA6610/6920/6921 are officially released.

【New Arrival】New Members in the KDMA family! KMDA6610/6920/6921 are officially released.

"Industry 4.0" and "China Smart Manufacturing 2025" have now reached a critical stage, and the informatization and industrialization will be deeply integrated. In the next 5 years, the market capacity for the needs for high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots and visual inspection will increase sharply. In this context, to meet market demand and better serve customers, on July 22, 2022, JHCTECH officially released the new ID high-performance fanless embedded industrial edge computing nodes products - KMDA-6610/6920/ 6921. The new product is positioned as Intel Comet lake expandable BOX PC. The interior and exterior all follow the KMDA-5610/5920/5921 design and are equipped with Intel® 10th generation Comet lake series processors. The new product will be officially launched in October. After listing, the product may assume the market role of the JHCTECH brand in the field of industrial edge computing nodes.

KMDA-6610/KMDA-6920/KMDA-6921 as a fanless high-performance box computer. It is equipped with Intel® 10th generation Comet lake series processors, H420E chipset, with complete functional equipment, rich expansion flexibility, Industrial-grade product design, very suitable for industries and fields such as industrial automation, CNC machinery, machine vision, motion control highway toll collection, security monitoring and environmental monitoring.


Product Highlight

★ Highlight 1: High CPU performance, flexible selection

Compared with the previous generation of Coffee lake-R, the maximum multi-threading performance is improved by 18%, and the running performance of Windows applications is improved by 8%.

★  Highlight 2: Universal Expansion Capability

★ Highlight 3: 2.5 Gigabit Network

★ Highlight 4: Flexible and diverse functional IO expansion

IO daughter card ECD-9720, optional for ECB-9620, ECD-9600 and ECB-9810


★ Highlight 5: Common mode structure, new ID design

Coffee lake and Comet lake, two platforms, share the same heat dissipation extrusion profiles;

The appearance ID and size of the corresponding models of the two sub-series are the same.


★ Highlight 6: 1+2 storage options and higher storage capacity

As an important product provider of industrial edge computing nodes, JHCTECH has been continuously exploring for 14 years since it launched its first embedded box computer in 2008 and has brought many innovative breakthrough products and world-leading technologies to its customers. The arrival of the KMDA6610/6920/6921 will further enrich the KMDA family of its own embedded product series and enrich various market segments.


Target Market