Application | ALAD Industrial Panel PC brings Intelligence to Warehousing and Logistics

Application | ALAD Industrial Panel PC brings Intelligence to Warehousing and Logistics

The recent strong development of the logistics industry has been made possible thanks to higher-scale automation and intelligent manufacturing, which are now an irreversible trend for this industry. Automated and intelligent handling tools, including unmanned forklifts, have ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. The application of unmanned forklifts and AGV/AMR in industrial production, warehousing, and logistics is clearly the trend of further market growth. Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)s integrate with forklifts, and their application in the field of warehousing and logistics has gradually expanded in recent years. Thanks to the cooperation of traditional forklift manufacturers, AGV manufacturers, logistics integrators, and warehousing robot companies, the unmanned forklift market is developing rapidly and becoming more and more competitive.

Background Introduction

In the warehousing link, forklifts are essential. The traditional method of manually mobilizing forklifts to transport materials will inevitably lead to data confusion and untimely calls, resulting in problems such as low efficiency and inaccurate inventory records. The intelligent forklift enables the operator to not only considerably shorten the time to find the goods when delivering, transporting, and sending the goods but also to carry out reasonable classification control to improve efficiency at a lower cost.

Customer Application Requirements

Forklifts are changing from a handling tool to an intelligent operation terminal, allowing staff to improve work efficiency and reduce work errors. A customer from Israel came to us and hoped we could provide industrial panel PC solutions for their forklifts. This equipment needs to have the following characteristics:

  • Integrated industrial panel PC with touch display, which meets the specific installation method of forklifts;
  • Fanless design; low power consumption, suitable for dusty storage environment;
  • Stable power supply requirements;
  • Abundant I/O interfaces, which can be connected to scanners or RFID readers;
  • Expansion capability to meet the needs of wireless networks.


Related product applications

After understanding the customer's actual application needs, the ALAD-K1520T industrial panel PC was recommended to the customer for its forklift application. In addition to the solid shell formed by aluminum alloy die-casting, the machine also adopts a fanless design for heat dissipation. The front panel is IP65, which is suitable for storage environments with large dust. Use Intel® Skylake-U/Kabylake-U Celeron series processors or Core I3/I5/I7 processors. It adopts a 15.0-inch 1024*768 resolution high-brightness TFT LCD, which can run stably for a long time. DC 9-36V power input, through the I/O interface, can be connected to external forklift devices such as scanning guns or RFID readers to quickly identify goods and improve on-site work efficiency. In addition, the ALAD-K1520T industrial Panel PC supports 1*Mine PCIe, has a SIM card slot, and supports 4G LTE/GSM/WIFI/BT/GPS, which satisfies the need for customers to establish real-time communication and data interaction with the background center through the WiFi interface.


ALAD-K1520T Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy die-casting, fanless design
  • 15" LED TFT LCD, capacitive/resistive screen Intel® Skylake-U/Kabylake-U CPU
  • 1*DDR4 2133 SODIMM, up to 16GB
  • 1*Mini PCIe, optional 1*PCI or 1*PCIeX4 (X1 signal)
  • 4*COM,2*LAN,4*USB3.0,1*USB2.0,1*Line out
  • 5 inch SATA bay, 1*mSATA
  • Remote switch
  • DC 9~36V power input

ALAD-K1520T, as an intelligent fanless embedded panel PC, is suitable for smart forklift applications due to its good performance, protection, reliability, and ease of use. The material transport system's accuracy dramatically improves warehousing and logistics efficiency.

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