【Product Solution】KGEC Series - X86 Industrial Edge Controller Solution for Industrial Automation

【Product Solution】KGEC Series - X86 Industrial Edge Controller Solution for Industrial Automation

KGEC Series - X86 Industrial Edge Controller Solution for Industrial Automation

With the combination of digitization and automation, “Industry 4.0”is making the machine intelligent, interactive and easy to use. For the manufacturing industry, automation application is closely bound up with industrial motion controller solutions.


>> Types of Motion Controller Overview

As the core component of automation equipment, the motion controller can be in two types from the communication protocol:


-Bus Type

-Pulse Type

The bus type is suitable for automation equipment because of its higher applicability, reliability, and good openness. However, the bus-based open source real-time operating system and open-source bus protocol need more time to develop, and have higher technical requirements for users, while commercial real-time systems and commercial bus protocols will lead to a relatively high cost. Therefore, in many traditional manufacturing industries, pulse-type controller is also a cost-effective solution for automation equipment.


Today, we’d like to take you through an x86 based motion controller solution.


>> Hardware and Software Solution

Based on Intel 6th gen Skylake-S and 7th gen Kabylake-S platforms, Core I3/I5/I7 series have 2 to 4 cores and 4 to 8 threads, and the CPU+PCH chipset can provide up to 36 PCIe Lanes, making it suitable for the development of X86 industrial controllers with rich IO functions and expansions.

For the hardware solution, JHCTECH’s KGEC series can perfectly match the requirement. KGEC-6300 and KGEC-6301 are designed with long-lifespan Intel H110 PCH chipset, supporting Skylake-S and Kabylake-S LGA1151 Socket CPUs. According to the JHCTECH OSBC Models standard, KGEC-6301 and KGEC-6300 both feature rich set of IO interfaces and flexible expansion support.

Just take a look at the IO interfaces, KGEC-6300 & KGEC-6301 come with 4 USB ports, 2-6 GbE LAN, dual display, 2*RS232/422/485 serial ports. A unique design of KGEC-6300 & KGEC-6301 is their expansion module which provides optional 1 to 3 PCIe or PCI slots. The PCIe or PCI slots can be used to connect with multi-axis motion control cards and coding cards. These control cards is able to connect with one or more pulse servo drives through cable, and the drives are linked to the servo motor, finally coming up as a hardware system solution.  

The system of the multi-axis motion control card is relatively flexible, and it has lower real-time requirements. The system includes Windows7, Windows 10 and Linux systems such as Ubuntu and CentOS can all be satisfied.

In an open operating system environment, use the test tool of the control card to perform functional testing, and then perform data processing and user interface program development based on the control card driver, control function library and modular function routines.

For the interface display UI of the control system, the user is able to use VC, VB, C#, Delphi, Labview, or others to develop according to their demands.

With the above hardware platform, operating system, drive, control functions, functional routines and editable scripts and other software and hardware integration, a set of software and hardware integrated solutions has finally been formed, which can be used as an X86 motion controller and be widely used in the following fields.


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