Application | ALAD Industrial Panel PC for enhanced Smart Metallurgical Manufacturing

Application | ALAD Industrial Panel PC for enhanced Smart Metallurgical Manufacturing

The steel manufacturing process is a vital process in the manufacturing industry. In modern factories, Industrial IoT serves as the gateway to the digital transformation toward a smarter factory. Connected and intelligent devices open a new window for process visibility, big data integration, artificial intelligence, and automation. These innovative modern technologies bring new perspectives and insights to the industry and open a new chapter to steel manufacturing.

Customer Application Requirements

In the current steel manufacturing industry, operators have to work under high temperatures without air conditioning and endure harsh both outdoor and indoor working environments, and a large amount of steel dust is generated in the production premises. For Panel PC, it is also a big challenge to work properly in such a harsh environment, and they need to feature a wide temperature operating range, be waterproof or dustproof (IP-65), and be able to work under the sun for several long hours. Therefore our rugged Panel PCs are specially designed to meet these requirements and allow the manufacturing processes to run smoothly as essential as they must be. They also assist in updating all data to the local control center and cloud data center for better product inspection and predictive analytics. For example, an intelligent steel mill in Taichung, Taiwan, has chosen the ALAD-K1520T from JHCTECH as the best computer solution for steel process operations based on the following requirements.


Hardware Requirements:

  1. WIFI/4G antenna - collect environmental data and remote monitoring from the cloud.
  2. Touch panel design - the operator selects panel indicators to change the process settings.
  3. Robust operation in challenging environments - work within harsh outdoor working environments, at high temperatures, and under sun exposure.
  4. Com port - supports RS232/485 device sensors.
  5. Long-term availability - at least five years product life cycle.

Related applications

JHCTECH's ALAD-K1520T is an industrial-grade panel PC that perfectly matches today's customer requirements. Equipped with Intel® SkylakeU/Kabylake-U CPU Celeron/Pentium/Core 13/15/17 processors to meet CPU needs, ALAD-K1520T has an aluminum diecasting chassis, LED TFT LCD, capacitive/resistive touch, and DC 9V-36V wide voltage input that can work smoothly under worker’s operation in harsh environments. With rich IO expansions, ALAD-K1520T can be connected to other equipment with an ethernet, com port, or mini PCIe interface and link all to the cloud, display essential information to workers and send an alarm to warn of any dangerous situation.


Product Features

  • Aluminum die–casting chassis, fanless design
  • 0'' LED TFT LCD, capacitive/resistive touch Intel® Skylake–U/Kabylake-U CPU
  • 1*DDR4 2133 SODIMM, Max 16GB
  • 1*Mini PCIe (PCIe+USB), Opt.1*32-bit PCI/PCIe X1
  • 4*COM, 2*LAN, 4*USB3.0, 1*USB2.0,1*Line out
  • 5”HDD Bay, 1*mSATA
  • ATX button&remote button
  • DC 9~36V power input

As an industry leader in the field of intelligent IoT, JHCTECH's products have been widely used in intelligent transportation, IIoT, intelligent security, energy and environmental protection and other fields. In line with the principles of reasonable configuration, advanced technology, complete functions, stable performance and safe use, JHCTECH combines hundreds of projects accumulated over the years according to the on-site use environment, product characteristics and quantity in different fields, as well as the requirements for operating functions, etc. JHCTECH's Experience can provide customers with a complete set of safe and reliable product application solutions and contribute to the informatization construction of various fields and industries!