Application | JHCTECH AI Edge Computing Empowers Holographic Intersections in Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Demonstration Zone

Application | JHCTECH AI Edge Computing Empowers Holographic Intersections in Shanghai Intelligent Connected Vehicle Demonstration Zone

Since 2015, China's intelligent connected vehicle demonstration zones have begun to sprout. Many demonstration zones, including Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Changchun, Chongqing, Changsha, Wuhan, etc., have been officially implemented. Shanghai International Automobile City is the first Chinese domestic pilot demonstration zone for intelligent connected vehicles approved by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Its project includes three test areas with complementary functions: a closed test area, an open road for 5G+MEC+V2X, and an open road for 4G+MEC +V2X.

 The Intelligent Networked Vehicle (Shanghai) Pilot Demonstration Zone project has built 50 new holographic intersections to ensure the efficient coordination of vehicles, roads, as well as an all-around infrastructure implementation environment for clouds, networks, and roads. This infrastructure enables environments' all-element fusion perception of people, vehicles, and road events and supports innovative application exploration of autonomous driving.

V2X vehicle-road collaboration network intersections are equipped with various sensors, which require high-computing MEC edge computing to fuse and process data collected by these high-definition cameras, laser radars, and millimeter-wave radars. They need to meet at the same time the requirements of optical fiber interfaces and 5G CPE base station communications. MEC edge computing is installed in outdoor floor cabinets at traffic light intersections. The usage scenarios have high operational stability and anti-interference protection requirements and must meet the outdoor alternating high and low-temperature constraints.


Helping Shanghai International Automobile City to create the brightest eyes

As it is well known, the holographic intersection has the ability of "all-round perception + super computing + reliable communication." As a professional supplier in the field of intelligent transportation edge computing, JHCTECH’s BRAV-7521/S001, as a roadside computing unit MEC, provides powerful computing capabilities for the Shanghai International Automobile City holographic intersection project, equipped with Intel® Xeon® E or 9th/ 8th-Gen Core™ processor, (configured with the 8-core 16-thread processor), 64GB DDR4 memory, high-performance 238TOPS computing power accelerator card. These features can allow the structured analysis of intersections, point cloud processing, and LiDAR and camera fusion algorithm. Our system uses 10 Gigabit optical fiber for communication. The 5G CPE intersection base station performs data transmission and connects sensors such as LiDAR, millimeter-wave radar, and camera through the switch. After deep learning, reasoning and calculation, the data is structured and fused, achieving intersection traffic optimization in real-time.



  • Intel® Xeon® Eor9th/8th-GenCore™ i7/i5/i3processor
  • Intel® Q370/C246 chipset
  • Super memory configuration 4*DDR4 up to 128G ECC/non-ECC
  • Ultra HD dual 4K, three independent display 2*DP, 1*VGA
  • 3*Gig-LAN (iATM available), optional multi-channel 10G optical port card
  • Multiple PCIe standard slots, supporting a variety of high-speed expansion interface modules
  • Ultra-high storage capacity 4*SATA3.0, 1*M.2 2280 M-Key, support NVMe
  • Support TPM2.0 security encryption, 9, iAMT12.0, Intel® iVpro technology
  • CPU fanless, AI/GPU module efficient air-cooling heat dissipation design
  • Super deep learning ability, support dual 350W GPU/75W AI accelerator card


After these successful projects of on-site implementations, such as Jiangsu Wuxi Intelligent Transportation Comprehensive Test Base, Beijing Shunyi Autonomous Driving Test Site, Guangzhou Biological Island, Tianjin Xiqing Pilot Area, and "New Four-Span" large-scale interconnection test, etc., the Shanghai project is a new success story of JHCTECH edge computing products in the field of intelligent transportation.

In the future, JHCTECH will ensure continuous improvement and high-performance development to release product application solutions for the field of intelligent network connection and contribute to the high-quality development, transformation, and upgrading of China's intelligent transportation industry.

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