JHCTECH Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year 2023

JHCTECH Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year 2023

On the occasion of the New Chinese Year of the Rabbit, JHCTECH would like to extend greetings and blessings to all our partners and customers who have supported us for years!

2022 was the worst of times, but also the best of times. Under the shadow of global inflation, Sino-US tensions, the new crown epidemic, and the war between Russia and Ukraine, pessimists saw the dark side, while optimists saw the bright side. But there is always a bright future for those who find the right direction and let the year be for us the occasion to go on our growth.

In 2022 we also celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of JHCTECH. In these years, many entrepreneurs have emerged into the field of edge computing, surfing on the industry development acceleration. Companies which can operate stably for up to 20 years and continue to expand are rare. I am proud to say: JHCTECH has done it! All this is due to the hard work and wisdom of all our employees as well as all our domestic and international distributors, and thanks to our joint efforts for promotion towards broad prospects.

More precisely, the development with the X86 CPU architecture, localized CPU architecture, and heterogeneous AI computing power architecture are the three major technical routes achieved in 2022. We also launched 12 high-quality products with excellent performances and successfully released the first domestically produced machine, the CNTI series. All products are dedicated to meeting the all-around needs of different industries.

We also established branches in Shenyang and Xiamen, deploying a strategic territory layout, actively expanded overseas resources, broke through the epidemic restrictions, participated in exhibitions in Italy, Germany, and Turkey, and even established offices in Mumbai and St. Petersburg, providing one-stop service for local customers.

Last but not least, to meet the needs of development and expand to the next industrial scale, the company moved to Guangming District, Shenzhen at the end of 2022. Looking back on the past year, JHCTECH has been flying against the wind in the cold winter, and its production index and turnover have reached new highs.

Looking forward, 2023 will bring opportunities and challenges. With the opening of the borders and starting a new chapter in the post-epidemic era, I believe this will represent a great opportunity to "base on China and look at the world." Based on the business philosophy of "focus on the industry, specialize in products, and excel in services" and the new strategic goal of "scenario empowering product innovation," we will explore industry know-how in depth, continue to promote product technology innovation, and deploy diversified scenarios to offer us leverage for future developments.

At this end of the year, we are infinitely grateful to all of you. Let us address our farewell to the 2022 epidemic and welcome the brand-new 2023! I wish everyone a happy life in this new year, a prosperous career, and a healthy family.



Andy Zhang

January 21, 2023, Chinese New Year's Eve