JHCTECH Hosts Successful First Global Partner Conference in Shenzhen, China

JHCTECH Hosts Successful First Global Partner Conference in Shenzhen, China

From February 18th to 19th, 2023, JHCTECH successfully held its first Global Partner Conference (China Region) in Shenzhen, attracting over 100 partners from 22 provinces and 4 municipalities in China. The two-day event, themed "Empowerment & Symbiosis" strengthened the company's cooperation with its distributors and was the opportunity for JHCTECH to present its enhanced innovation, products competitiveness, and support service, and all attendees get the chance to share the latest market trends, explore ways to achieve win-win cooperation, as well as achieve joint development.

Partners Gathered Together to Plan and Create a Better Future

On the first day of the conference, JHCTECH announced a series of ecological strategies, industry layouts, and product plans, covering various dimensions such as strategy, technology, market, support, and ecology. Founder Andy Zhang said that JHCTECH's new strategy is "Scenario Empowering Product Innovation." Ecological coexistence and collaboration are a new form of organizational evolution, and the ultimate goal is to "empower organizational growth and symbiosis with the ecology" by breaking away from the win-lose traditional competitive relationship and turning towards collaboration with industry, partners, and colleagues, for common learning and growth.

JHCTECH is committed to continuously developing the most advanced AI edge computing solutions to help customers achieve successful business growth. In 2023, JHCTECH's R&D direction is determined to develop through three major technological lines - X86 CPU architecture, domestically-made CPU architecture, and heterogeneous AI computing architecture, with plans to complete seven motherboards, 17 carrier boards, and 21 structural systems. JHCTECH's R&D director Jason Chen emphasized the company's focus on cultivating innovative compound talents according to the strategic goal of "Scenarios Empowering Product Innovation. " The company is dedicated to creating a professional team that embodies pragmatism, commitment to missions, and professional charm, thus demonstrating that the soul of JHCTECH's R&D lies in being "excellent at products, close to users, and deeply immersed in scenarios."

Distributor Excellence Award

2022 was a year of vigorous development for JHCTECH, during which the company relocated to Guangming District, Shenzhen, to meet its growth needs, expanding its office space threefold and continuously expanding its business. The outstanding achievements of this year are inseparable from the strong support and trust of all our partners. This conference comprehensively reviewed the work of the past year. It recognized outstanding partners, aiming to encourage more exceptional partners to actively participate and work together to achieve the dream of contributing to the country's industry and building a new era of a strong technological country.

The China Regional Conference Paves the Way for the World and Explores New Possibilities for Market Cooperation

On February 19th, the second day of the Global Partner Conference, partners from all over China visited JHC's Shenzhen headquarters in Guangming District. JHC shared their experiences and insights and discussed industry trends, prospects, and market plans to deepen mutual understanding and cooperation. Marketing Director Johnny Tan put forward the 2023 global market plan, which will create a win-win model with local and abroad partners through industry seminars, links with eco-partners, media platform resources, webinars, training camps, domestic and foreign exhibitions, etc... At the end of the event, JHC expressed its gratitude to its partners, emphasized that it will continue to provide partners with high-quality products and services, and invited partners to offer valuable suggestions and opinions to achieve higher empowerment and symbiosis.

The successful holding of JHCTECH's first Global Partner Conference (China Region) consolidated the cooperative relationship with partners and laid a solid foundation for the company's future development. Through the complementary advantages of JHCTECH and its partners, deepening the collaborative relationship, we will be able to create more solutions for different customers and scenarios and build a sustainable and win-win cooperation ecosystem.

|Event Preview|

The Global Partner Program is about to start.

In October 2023, JHCTECH Global Partners-Overseas Distributors Conference will be held. We look forward to meeting partners from all over the world in Shenzhen.