JHCTECH's moment at 2021 the 18th China Public Security Expo (CPSE Expo)

JHCTECH's moment at 2021 the 18th China Public Security Expo (CPSE Expo)

JHCTECH's moment at 2021 the 18th China Public Security Expo (CPSE Expo)

On December 26, the 18th China Public Security Expo (CPSE Expo) was successfully held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian).

As the world’s largest security exhibition and the most influential in Asia, the CPSE Expo focus on new technologies and products for global smart security, showing the current status and future trends of the security industry. This exhibition has attracted the attention of professionals in the security field from more than 150 countries and regions.



JHCTECH, a leading intelligent IoT system supplier, has exhibited rich products for security applications on the CPSE. JHCTECH focused on displaying product solutions for smart security, safe city, and traffic security, etc. Also, the AI edge computing system BRAV-7601, new arrival KMDA-3301, and intelligent rail transport product SIGM-U1350 were officially unveiled at the exhibition, arousing lots of attention from visitors.


In recent years, the Internet of Things is increasingly being combined with big data and artificial intelligence. With the rapid development of AIoT (AI+ Internet of Things), edge computing has been applied in many smart security scenarios.


At the exhibition, JHCTECH demonstrated the Roadside sensing and edge computing solution--Lidar 3D Point Cloud Processing and Sensor Fusion based on Intel® Architecture for C-V2X. It is a cost-effective solution designed by Intel, JHCTECH and Leishen Intelligent. The Roadside MEC Equipment based on Intel® Architecture KMDA-3301 can perform the inference based on deep learning or analysis based on traditional computer vision on the 2D video images and 3D point clouds, respectively, and merge the results of the two by Sensor Fusion algorithms.



Additionally, new arrival KMDA-3301 and BRAV-7601 are favored at the exhibition.


Based on the 11th-Gen Intel® Core™ Processors, KMDA-3301 features fanless heat dissipation, rich I/O interfaces, compact size, shock absorption design, etc.. This equipment enables to provide powerful and reliable AI computing power, which significantly improves the safety and efficiency of the ITS.


The high-performance AI edge computing system BRAV-7601 has undergone a new upgrade, which has a great improvement in CPU performance and AI acceleration performance.

1. CPU performance: Compared with the Coffee Lake Refresh platform, the Comet Lake-S platform can achieve an 18% increase in multi-threading performance.

2. AI acceleration performance: support MXM3.1 AI acceleration module, adapt to the full range of NVIDIA mobile version RTX30 GPU modules, and also support the Cambricon MLU220T-MXM acceleration module.


JHCTECH has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent security for many years, and this exhibition allowed the audience to fully feel the overall strength and advantages of JHCTECH in the field of security.


In the year 2022, we will work with our partners to bring more smart security solutions for you.