Product Solution | JHCTECH KMDA-3602 Empowers Autonomous Driving Helper in 2022 Winter Olympics

Product Solution | JHCTECH KMDA-3602 Empowers Autonomous Driving Helper in 2022 Winter Olympics

Product Solution | JHCTECH KMDA-3602 Empowers Autonomous Driving Helper in 2022 Winter Olympics

On February 4, 2022, a world-renowned sports event - the 24th Winter Olympic Games will kick off in Beijing! "High-tech Winter Olympics" is a highlight of this Winter Olympics. Autonomous driving is one of the most eye-catching sectors, L4-level unmanned ferry, autonomous parking, unmanned distribution and other intelligent vehicle services are applied to the Olympic scene. JHCTECH provided the leading edge computing product to support the autonomous helper deployed in the Chongli District of Zhangjiakou City for this 2022 Winter Olympics.

For this Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, about 70% of the Winter Olympics competitions are held in the Zhangjiakou competition area. Considering the large mobility of personnel and the need to reduce the risk of virus transmission, the autonomous helper highlights its key roles in replacing human driver under special circumstances, performing its tasks of personnel ferrying and goods transportation during the Winter Olympics.

JHCTECH KMDA-3602 Box PCs provide hardware support for these autonomous helpers in the Zhangjiakou competition area, which are the in-vehicle computing unit MDC for these autonomous helpers. As a low-speed autonomous helper, it can carry 14 people, and the KMDA-3602 box pc effectively offers strong support for the low-speed autonomous helper to make a correct and timely response! Traditional driving uses the human brain and human eyes to drive on the road, while the autonomous helper adopts a multi-sensor fusion scheme to perceive the traffic environment around the vehicle through on-board sensors, and obtain road, vehicle location and obstacle information by sensors, and carry out functions such as autonomous positioning, destination navigation, optimal path planning, pedestrian identification, obstacle avoidance, and detour, etc.


KMDA-3602 Features

◆ Aluminum Chassis, CPU Fanless Cooling

◆ Intel  Kabylake-S/Skylake-S Core I3/I5/I7 CPU 

◆ 2*DDR4 2133/ 2400MHz SODIMM, Up to 32GB

◆ 1*MXM 3.1 socket, support NVIDIA GPU


◆ 3*Gig LAN,4*POE,6*USB3.0,3*USB2.0

◆ 2*COM,16bit Isolated DIO, Audio out and Mic

◆ 2*Mini PCIe(PCIe+USB),1*M.2 2242 B-Key

◆ 1*mSATA, 1*2.5" SATA 3 bay, Anti-vibration design

◆ DC 6~48V Wide Power, ITPS Function

“IoT Computer, connecting the dots.” Now, JHCTECH has successfully cooperated with Tencent, Baidu on several self-driving car projects. This low-speed autonomous helper project is another benchmark application of JHCTECH in the field of autonomous driving. In the future, we will continue to provide customers with excellent application solutions in intelligent transportation, machine vision, intelligent manufacturing, factory automation and other fields. 


◆ KMDA-3602 Box PC information:


◆ Datasheet Download

KMDA-3602 Box PC Datasheet