Embedded Box PC

Embedded Box PC

An industrial embedded computer is a rugged computer designed to meet harsh environmental challenges, such as extreme temperatures, high shock and vibration, and protection from water splash and dust.  


JHCETCH's industrial embedded computer offers you high performance in space-limited applications. They are rugged and designed for a wide temperature range conditions, which enable them to be installed directly in the control cabinet – the ideal solution for process and machine-level data processing or visualization.


JHCETCH's industrial embedded computer provide different product series focusing on special domain application.

JHCETCH's industrial fanless embedded computers are ideal for a variety of applications like industrial automation and control, networking appliance, data acquisition and digital signage. JHCETCH's industrial fanless box computers that feature compact, significant I/O and expansions are designed to fulfill space-critical computing applications.

JHCETCH's BRAV series are industrial Edge AI GPU Computers, which are the perfect computing solutions for the artificial intelligence(AI) enabled vehicles related applications such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Autonomous Driving Vehicles, ETC(Electronic Toll Collection) license plate recognition as well as for pure artificial intelligence(AI)computing applications, like image and video analysis, deep learning, machine vision, data mining..etc. JHCETCH's BRAV embedded computers provide high performance computing capacity with AI accelerator cards and huge storage space for Edge AI applications.

JHCTECH's CNTI series is a domestic fanless box computer designed and developed by purely Chinese-made chips and components.

JHCETCH's railway computers are EN50155 certified and provide hign performance and reliability. JHCETCH's SIGM series have conducted several environmental testing to ensure the performance and reliability under a variety of power supply conditions, such as voltage surges, power interruptions, and supply changeover. JHCETCH's EN50155 certified computers can also withstand environmental disturbances, such as extreme temperature, shock and vibration with special deigned M.2 connectors.

JHCETCH's new product PADR series designed to be a cost effective economic compact industrial embedded computer focusing on flexible IoT applications like smart factory, AGV or self help Kiosk ternimal. With all essential I/O ports and easy to be installed feathures, JHCETCH's PADR series is a economic choice for budget limited projects.