【Product Alert】Customized EOM-I912 Motherboard Module for Flexible Expansion

【Product Alert】Customized EOM-I912 Motherboard Module for Flexible Expansion

【Product Alert】Customized EOM-I912 Motherboard Module for Flexible Expansion

Product Overview


EOM-I912 is a low power consumption motherboard with a compact size of 125*95mm. It is powered by Intel 11th generation Tiger lake-U platform, designed according to Intel IEN Type F standard, and equipped with onboard Soc CPU module, Core i7/i5/i3/Celeron processor, which can support dual-channel DDR4 SODIMM, up to 64GB. 

One of the unique features of EOM-I912 is it can be customized for providing flexible expansion support. If you have any specific requirement in power supply, storage, display, audio, I/O interface including serial ports, network ports, USB, DIO, etc., various PIB carrier boards can be customized. When combined with EOM-I912 module, it could turn into an industrial computer that perfectly match with customer’s demand.


Compared to traditional customized product, the EOM-I912 offers a more cost-effective customized way that provides high scalability and easy interchangeability for different application. It is suitable for medical imaging, military industry, rail transportation and electric power applications.

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★ Intel Edge Node Reference Architecture—Type F Design

A complete PC includes a CPU module and the external I/O carrier board. There is no external I/O on the EOM-I912 CPU module. The motherboard features two 120-pin IEN Type F board to board connector, which can flexibly match with various customized carrier boards to expand functions such as power supply, USB, LAN, display, audio and much more.


The IEN Type F connector of EOM-I912 supports signals including DC 12V power input, Legacy IO, eSPI x1, 4*PCIe×1 or 1*PCIe×4, 1*PCIe Gen3 lanes, 2*PCIe×1 Gen4 lanes, 3*GbE LAN, 2*SATA, 2*DDI, 4*USB3.1, 8*USB2.0, 3*COM, 1*HDA, eSPI, DIO, etc.


★ Product Highlight 

High-performance Intel 11th Gen CPU 

EOM-I912 is powered by Intel Tiger Lake-U 11th gen ULT SoC Processor, Core I3/I5/I7 are all have four cores and eight threads, which is the highest performance platform of ULT processor. Compared to Whiskey Lake Platform, the single thread performance improved by 23%, while an 19% increase for multi-thread performance.


Powerful GPU and AI Computing

The Intel UHD Graphics is integrated into Intel® Core I3/Pentium/Celeron, while Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics (INTEL DX1 GPU) is integrated into Intel® Core I5/I7, providing a 2.95 times improvement in graphics acceleration performance.


◆ Maximum support 2*8K SDR display

◆ Decode 40 channels of 1080P 30fps video stream simultaneously

◆ Support Intel Deep Learning Boost, up to 8 TOPS

◆ Support Intel GNA 2.0 ( Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator), AI noise reduction


Support Intel TCC

EOM-I912 can support Intel® Time Coordinated Computing (Intel® TCC), Jitter is within 10μs at Intel ECI Platform.


High-Frequency Dual Channel RAM

Supports dual-channel DDR4-3200MHz, up to 64GB, and optionally supports ECC.


High-speed Signal Transmission & Good Resistance to Vibration


◆ The EOM-I912 motherboard is designed with INTEL IEN Type F standard.

◆ The Board-to-board connector can transmit high-speed signals and ensure a more complete signal.

◆ The PCBs are connected without a cable, which has a high anti-vibration performance.

★ Target Market