【Product Alert】New Box Computer KMDA-3301 with Intel 11th Gen Processor

【Product Alert】New Box Computer KMDA-3301 with Intel 11th Gen Processor

New Arrival | Box Computer KMDA-3301 with Intel 11th Gen Processor

KMDA-3301 is a fanless box computer, powered by Intel® Tiger lake U Soc CPU series, supporting Intel DL boost deep learning technology. It is compact in size, with shock absorption and rich IO functions, which makes it suitable for C-V2X MEC edge computing, AGV/AMR, machine vision and smart security and other fields.

new arrival box computer


High-performance Intel 11th Gen CPU

KMDA-3301 is powered by Intel Tiger Lake-U 11th gen ULT SoC Processor, Core I3/I5/I7 are all have four cores and eight threads, which is the highest performance platform of ULT processor. Compared to Whiskey Lake Platform, the single thread performance improved by 23%, while a 19% increase for multi-thread performance.

intel 11th cpu performance

Powerful GPU and AI Computing

The Intel UHD Graphics is integrated into Intel® Core I3/Pentium/Celeron, while Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics (INTEL DX1 GPU) is integrated into Intel® Core I5/I7, providing a 2.95 times improvement in graphics acceleration performance.


◆ Dual independent display, 1*8K SDR &1*4K HDR

◆ Decode 40 channels of 1080P 30fps video stream simultaneously

◆ Support Intel Deep Learning Boost, up to 8 TOPS

◆ Support Intel GNA 2.0 ( Intel® Gaussian & Neural Accelerator), AI noise reduction

GPU performance


Higher Network bandwidth & PCIe x 2 Gen 4.0 High speed Storage

◆ 3*Intel® I225V 2.5Gbps LAN controller, support Intel AMT & vPro technology

◆ M.2 3052 with SIM, support 5G NR, compatible with 4G LTE

◆ M.2 2280 M-key, PCIe×2 Gen4.0, support 32GT/s NVME

box computer LAN

Intel IEN Type F Design Standard

The main board module EOM-I912 uses INTEL IEN Type F to connect to the ECB-267 carrier board.

intel ien type F design

Flexible Mounting

We provide flexible mounting for different scenarios, which is not only suitable for for large-size cabinets, but also wall and pole mounted cabinets.
◆ Desktop mounting with rubber rail pads

◆ Din-Rail mounting

flexible mounting


Shock Resistance Design

◆ Mounting parts with rubber rail pads

◆ The internal PCB connection is without cable

◆ IO Interface with anti-dropping buckle

shock resistance ability


Target Market

◆High-end AGV & Robot

◆ C-V2X Roadside MEC & In-vehicle MDC

◆ AI Machine Vision, High-end visual logistics sorting, 3D visual navigation

◆ Smart Security


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