【Product Alert】Powerful Edge AI Computing System--BRAV-7601

【Product Alert】Powerful Edge AI Computing System--BRAV-7601

The amount of data is increasing rapidly. More and more devices can produce and transmit data. The fusion of emerging technologies like 5G, AI and edge computing helps us to gain available data from the flood of data and will play a significant role in various critical areas such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics, healthcare, public safety and security, and much more. 


New Arrival

This time, we are excited to introduce our new arrival product, BRAV-7601, an edge AI computing system. 

The BRAV-7601 is a high-performance edge AI computing system equipped with Intel® Comet Lake 10th-Gen CPU family. CPU+GPU dual-processor, high-performance multiple network port, display and IO function, DC 9-36V wide voltage power supply make this new-designed BRAV-7601 edge AI computing system suitable for C-V2X, special vehicle, intelligent security, high-precision machine vision, medical imaging and other industries.




Regarding BRAV-7601, What's the performance of CPU and AI accelerator in BRAV-7601? Let's see together.


CPU Performance

According to Intel data, the Comet Lake-S platform can achieve an 18% improvement in multi-threading performance compared to the Coffee Lake Refresh platform.


AI Accelerator Performance

BRAV-7601 supports the AI acceleration module of the MXM3.1 bus, adapting to the full range of NVIDIA mobile RTX30 GPU modules, and also supports the Cambricon MLU220T-MXM acceleration module. It can support the GeForce RTX 3080 Mobile/Max-Q that has the highest performance, which contains 6144 CUDA cores, 192 texture units and 96 ROPs, GDDR6 8GB or 16GB video memory.

Key Features of BRAV-7601

Comprehensive IO function


● Flexible Expansion Ability and Network

-2*Intel I225V+1*I225 LM, 3*2.5G-LAN, support iAMT 13.0,Core I5/I7 CPU support intel vPro

-1*M.2 Type 2230 E-key , PCIeX1, USB2.0 and CNVio, support Gig+ WiFi6&BT5.0

-1* M.2 Type 3052 B-key, PCIeX1, USB2.0+SIM, support 5G NR model, Compatible 4G LTE

-1*M.2 Type 2280 M-Key(PCIex4 signal), support NVME, or PCIe expansion module such as CAN bus Communication Module

-1*MXM3.1, PCIeX16,up to 190W power supply,supports MXM GPU modules and AI acceleration cards which power consumption lower than 190W

-1*JHCTECH-02 E/IO,2个PCIeX4, 2*USB3.0, 2*USB2.0, 160pin European standard interface


More storage options and larger storage capacity

BRAV-7601 has four disk storage. It includes a full-length mSATA disk, an M.2 Type 2280 M-Key (PCIex4) NVME speedy disk, which can be used as built-in system disks. Besides, there are two swappable 2.5'' SATA3 bay for data storage, supporting RAID0/1 for data security. Each SATA3 bay is able to equip with 15mm thick HDD, the maximum single-bay capacity can reach 6TB, and can reach 12TB with two bays.


Efficient heat dissipation design

The BRAV-7601 combines with two heat dissipation design, it is embedded with dual temperature control fans to realize the intelligent temperature control and cooling of the AI acceleration module, and the other heat dissipation design is fanless cooling for CPU through dual copper heat pipes. The two heat dissipation components are coupled and designed in one structure, which independently and uniformly undertakes the cooling task of the dual processor.


Modular structure design, convenient assembly and easy maintenance