JHCTECH Industrial Panel Computer Helps Intelligent Tobacco Production

JHCTECH Industrial Panel Computer Helps Intelligent Tobacco Production

With the continuous improvement of automation in the tobacco industry, tobacco informatization has introduced an integrated manufacturing system, through the use of advanced computer technology, control technology, automation technology, information technology, and integrated factory automation equipment, to implement control, scheduling, and monitoring of the entire process of cigarette production. Like the process industry, industrial computers, human-machine interfaces, PLCs, intelligent robots, machine vision and many other automation products are widely used in the tobacco industry.


Customer Application Requirements

This time, a large tobacco factory in China approached JHCTECH and asked us to provide an industrial tablet as a host computer for its wrapping workshop. It carries the system configuration software, sends instructions to the PLC controller, and monitors the status and production data of the production equipment in real time to control the production process. The device needs to have the following characteristics:

  • Integrated industrial tablet computer with touch display, which can meet the embedded panel installation method;
  • Fanless design, front panel I65 protection level, adapt to the harsh environment of the production workshop;
  • DC wide voltage 9~36V power input, over-current, over-voltage protection, to meet the requirements of stable power supply;
  • Communicate with PLC through serial port or communication card;
  • Open X86 platform, suitable for different PLC controllers.


JHCTECH Solutions

After understanding the actual application needs of the customers, JHCTECH recommended ALAD series of industrial panel computers for customers to use in their packaging workshops.

JHCTECH's ALAD series industrial tablet PC not only has a solid shell formed by aluminum alloy die-casting, but also adopts a fanless design for heat dissipation, and the front panel is IP65, which is suitable for the harsh environment of the production workshop. Using Intel® Skylake-U/Kabylake-U Celeron series processors or Core I3/I5/I7 processors, etc., the open X86 platform is adapted to different PLC controllers. DC 9-36V power input is adopted to ensure long-term stable operation of the machine. With multiple IO interfaces, it can communicate with PLC through serial ports or communication cards, so that the configuration software can issue commands to control the normal operation of production equipment.

JHCTECH ALAD series industrial panel computer

The ALAD series includes products of multiple sizes, such as: 10.1″, 12.1″, 15″, 15.6″, 17″, 18.5″, 19″, 21.5″, etc. Another 23.8″ new product will be launched soon, so stay tuned!


JHCTECH new product recommendation

Recently, JHCTECH industrial tablet PC has made a new breakthrough - Node Modular Standard Design. Subsequent new industrial tablet computers will follow the Node standard, and the internal structure will be presented in the form of core modules + carrier boards: CPUs with different architectures and platforms can meet different performance requirements. At the same time, form a serialized product line, which greatly facilitates iterative upgrading and maintenance for customers.

At present, JHCTECH has launched two Node standard products—ALAD-K1550T(P) and ALAD-A1510T(P), and new products of other sizes will be launched one after another, so stay tuned!

In the future, JHCTECH will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of "focusing on the industry, proficient in products, and superior to services", and continue to implement the strategic goal of scenario-empowered product innovation. Bring JHCTECH's new scenarios, new technologies and new products to every user to create maximum value for customers.


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