JHC Standard 3.5-inch SBC Single Board Series and PADR-M102 are now available!

JHC Standard 3.5-inch SBC Single Board Series and PADR-M102 are now available!

According to market data, the global and Chinese single-board computer (SBC) market volumes were 5.05 billion yuan and 1.493 billion yuan respectively in 2022. Based on the huge market capacity, JHC has also planned SBC board products, and independently developed 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch standard SBC boards. As of the first quarter of 2023, JHC has successfully developed three standard 3.5-inch SBC boards, forming a series, and launched the PADR-M102 product with this standard 3.5-inch board series. Let's learn more about it together!


JHC Standard 3.5-inch SBC Single Board

JHC Standard 3.5-inch ultra-low power embedded economical motherboard is equipped with a stepped performance processor and complete IO functions. It has flexible power supply options, active and passive heat dissipation, and a compact size suitable for installation in limited-space scenarios. Currently, JHC has successfully developed and launched three products: ECM-I718, ECM-I910, and ECM-I913.

Multiple Platform Series Combination Planning

(1) Uses the latest three generations of Intel processors: Whiskey Lake-U, Elkhart Lake, and Tiger Lake-U mobile and embedded versions of ULT CPU.

(2) Cross-platform uses over 10 models of Intel Celeron, Intel Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs.

Consistent PCBA Layout Height

(1) Unified coastline interfaces: 4USB, 1DP, 1HDMI, 2LAN, DC IN.

(2) Consistent installation hole positions and interface layouts enable seamless upgrades for the same application scenario/casing products.

Complete I/O Functions

The JHC 3.5-inch single-board computer features dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, optional 1M.2 E-key 2230 (supporting Wifi5/BT5.0) or 1M.2 B-key 3052 (with SIM card slot, supporting 4G LTE/5G NR), 4COM, 18-bit DIO/GPIO, and 1*Mic & Line in & Line out.

Efficient and Practical Heat Dissipation Design

JHC's 3.5-inch board computer adopts two types of heat dissipation methods: active and passive heat dissipation, to meet different requirements.

Diverse Display Types

A JHC 3.5-inch single board includes three types of display interfaces to meet different customer needs in various scenarios.

Flexible Power Supply

JHC's 3.5-inch board series can all be equipped with the optional OFX-075 1*75W power supply board, which supports wide-voltage input of 9-36V.

3.5-inch SBC Board Product Comparison Table

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'Magic Box' PADR-M102

To meet the needs of some customers who require a chassis to host standard 3.5-inch SBC single boards, JHC also introduced the 'Magic Box' PADR-M102 which can accommodate three types of 3.5-inch standard SBC single board products.

The 'Magic Box' PADR-M102 adopts a new industrial design style with a combination of blue and orange colors. It is small and delicate, and can perfectly accommodate standard 3.5-inch SBC single board. The functional interfaces are rich, including 4 USB3.0 TypeA interfaces, 1 DP, 1 HDMI, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, DC 12V or wide voltage DC9~36V optional power input interfaces. On the back, there is 1 audio input, 1 audio output interface, and 4 COM ports, one of which can be switched to an 8-bit DIO signal by internal wire swapping. The panel also has power, CPU temperature, hard disk, and power button indicator lights.

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Application Market

More new products are coming soon. For over 20 years, JHC Technology has been committed to providing the most fitting product solutions for every industry and customer, enabling product innovation through scene-based solutions and striving to create greater value for users. In addition to the existing series of standard 3.5-inch SBC boards, JHC's standard 2.5-inch SBC board series is also currently under development. Stay tuned for more updates!