Application | JHCTECH Waterproof Panel PC for Food Factory Process Control in Spain

Application | JHCTECH Waterproof Panel PC for Food Factory Process Control in Spain

Application | JHCTECH Waterproof Panel PC for Food Factory Process Control in Spain

In food processing fields such as beverages, meat, fish, seafood, etc., cleaner production in food processing is crucial. Today, food processing enterprises are gradually moving towards informatization and automation. They use intelligent technology to understand and master the relevant information of food in raw material transportation, production process, transportation process and storage process, so as to improve production efficiency and ensure the safe production of food.

Customer Application Requirements: 

The working environment of the food processing industry is usually harsh, often involving water, moisture, grease and sauce, etc. Therefore, enterprises have strict requirements for tablet computers used in food production environments in terms of corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, sensitivity and easy operation. A Spanish food processing company wanted to find a reliable industrial flat panel solution for its aquatic processing workshop. Due to the humid environment in the processing workshop and the need to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, the customer's requirements for the control platform are very strict:

  •  Easy to clean and maintain
  •  Quick-cleaning features to prevent bacteria growth and rust
  •  Small size, supports a variety of installation methods
  •  Waterproof design of equipment, IP65 front sealing, anti-corrosion casing prevent any type of substances from entering
  •  Abundant I/O interfaces, which can connect all levels of sensors, motion modules, etc. through serial communication
  • Stable performance, low power consumption, fanless cooling, and easy entry and access to all data while wearing industry-standard gloves

Solution Description: WPPC-H1580T Industrial Waterproof Panel PC

According to the customer's application scenario, JHCTECH’s WPPC-H1580T was finally selected to be used in the aquatic product processing workshop. The WPPC-H1580T Industrial Panel PC features a five-sided waterproof design, a SUS304 stainless steel case for the front panel, and a 3.0 mm 5052 aluminum alloy for the back cover, which has industrial-grade strength and quick-cleaning features to prevent bacteria growth and rust. IP65 protection, full flat front panel, and no fan structure effectively prevent water, dust, and other external pollutants from entering the device. The touch screen used is a five-wire resistive touch screen, which is convenient for food processing operations to be operated with gloves. In addition, the WPPC-H1580T adopts a self-developed high-precision automatic correction touch chip. When there is liquid erosion or water droplets on the manipulation finger, the liquid water droplets on the touch panel surface and a small amount of dust will not affect any operation control.

The WPPC 15-inch industrial panel PC is equipped with a high-performance and low-power Intel® Celeron J1900 CPU with rich I/O interfaces. It can connect the servo drive through the network port, connect the sensors at all levels, switches and signal lights through the serial port, and connect the data exchange between the whole workshop and even several factories through the wireless WIFI network, realize the integration of big data, and understand the production process and quality specifications in real-time. Also realizes the data statistics of the traceability process of every single product.

WPPC-H1580T Industrial Waterproof Panel PC​

  • Intel® Baytrail Celeron J1900 2.0-2.42G CPU
  • 1-Ch DDR3L 1333MHZ SODIMM, Up to 8GB
  • SUS304 grade stainless steel enclosure
  • 0mm 5052 aluminum rear cover
  • Full Flat bezel design, fanless
  • Totally IP65/IP66(except for IO interface )
  • Support for standard VESA 100*100 mounting
  • 15” LED TFT LCD, Resistive/Capacitive touch
  • 1*HDMI, 1*VGA,2*GbE LAN,2*COM, 1*USB3.0, 3*USB2.0
  • 1*Opt. ANT, support 4G LTE/WiFi/BT4.0
  • 1*Mini PCIe (PCIe+USB, w/SIM)
  • 1*Simple-swap 2.5” SATA bay , 1*mSATA
  • DC 9~36V power input