We are happy to let you know that our new products are ready to meet you. The three series of KMDA, ALAD and CNTI launched new products with different architectures and platforms. They are KMDA-3302, ALAD-K1550T(P) and CNTI-R351 respectively. KMDA-3302 and CNTI-R351 adopt compact design and slim body, which are suitable for application scenarios with volume restrictions. The ALAD series has launched a new upgraded product ALAD-K1550T(P), which adopts the node design specification.

We are happy to let you know that our new products are ready to meet you. Another upgrade of KMDA series, KMDA-7610/7920/7921 made a stunning appearance. The new product is positioned as an Intel Alder lake expandable BOX PC. The appearance follows the KMDA 6 series, equipped with Intel® 12th generation Alder Lake-S/13th generation Raptor lake-S series processors. It is suitable for industries and fields such as industrial automation, highway toll collection, security monitoring and environmental protection testing.

We are happy to let you know that our new products are ready to meet you. BRAV-7720, BRAV-7721 and BRAV-7131 are our high-performance AI edge computing MECs based on different architectures and platforms. All three products can be applied to industries such as intelligent transportation, machine vision, and intelligent logistics to meet customers needs for different architectures and platforms.

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming First Edition of JHCTECH Elite Accelerator Boot Camp, specifically designed for our partner sales elites. This training program will give you a comprehensive understanding of JHCTECH products, industry applications, marketing strategies, and technical support services.

We are happy to let you know that our new products are ready to meet you. KGEC-6500 and KGEC-6200 are our latest edge controller products which target different markets. KGEC-6500 is designed for bus motion control, while KGEC-6200 is designed for the AMR and AGV markets.

This time, JHCTECH will unveil an exclusive look at the latest PADR-S501 series and MATX I964 product features. We continually innovate embedded products for the IoT industry to meet the requirements of the most advanced applications and configurations.

We are glad to invite you to our webinar co-hosted with our eco-partner, WellinTech, the earliest professional automation software company in China, with the highest market share in the Chinese industrial automation software market. WellinTech will introduce its software products and smart manufacturing solutions. In addition, we would like to share with you several powerful products of the KMDA and ALAD series and discuss how these can serve as the most powerful cornerstones of MES and SCADA platforms to enhance intelligent manufacturing processes.

Learn what’s on the JHCTECH Q3 sprout product and check out what we are working on to improve our products. JHCTECH team has been working hard on planning and focus areas, and we're excited about what's ahead in Q3. We want to give our partners more visibility into our product roadmap and let you be the first to hear about it.

Let’s discover how JHCTECH products are used in AGV, machine vision inspection, and other industries. We will also share our new powerful BRAV product and related products to let you explore how our computers can help you implement reliable AGV and visual machines.

In this webinar, we will talk about: 1.Market insights of automatic visual inspection. 2. Introduction of JHCTECH product, which can well match with visual inspection system. 3. JHCTECH solutions to accurately identify “defects” in product appearance, including defect inspection solutions for solar cells, and LCD panel surfaces.

In this Product Video, we would like to brief you about the major features and characteristics of these upcoming products, which were designed to meet the most advanced applications and configurations.

In the 2021 Sept webinar, we will talk about:
1. Market trends of Intelligent warehouse logistics
2. Introduction of JHCTECH products, which are applied to help the warehouse automatic equipment's task.
3. JHCTECH solutions to optimize “movements” in warehousing, including solutions for AGV and DWS systems, panel PC based inventory control to improve efficiency.

In this Business Insight Video, we would like to share a few application stories which are built on JHCTECH Embedded Base., as well as open up about demand and characteristics of SmartCity projects we are working on.

In the 2021 June webinar, JHCTECH is excited to bring to you one of the most innovative LIDAR tech companies - LSLIDAR to share their experience and provide a little glimpse into the future of Advanced Intelligent Transportation.


In the 2021 April LATAM Month webinar, JHCTECH talks about the topic "Intelligent Transportation System" and shares with you our global use case/application stories with our products Edge AI (Artificial intelligent) GPU computer BRAV series , multitouch panel ALAD series, and industrial embedded computer KMDA series.