JHCTECH's domestically-made edge computing magic box CNTI-R351 is launched

JHCTECH's domestically-made edge computing magic box CNTI-R351 is launched

The information technology application innovation industry is the foundation of data security and network security, and it is also an important part of the new infrastructure.

In the context of the great power game, "domestic information technology application innovation industry" and "independent controllability" have increasingly become the focus of competition in key areas. JHCTECH is also following the trend and making every effort to develop domestic product research and development. Following the successful launch of the first domestic produced product CNTI-3A51, JHCTECH ushered in another good news. CNTI-R351,The edge computing magic box based on the RK3588 platform of Rockchip, was officially launched, focusing on intelligent  logistics application scenarios.

                                                                     JHCTECH's CNTI series product roadmap

CNTI-R351 is a fanless box computer, powered by Rockchip RK3588 processor, on-board 4GB memory, and on-board 32GB eMMC storage. HDMI display, 4*LAN,2*USB3.0, 2*USB2.0, 2*COM (1*RS485, 1*RS232), 1*8bit DIO, 2*Iso. CAN2.0, 1*M.2 2242 M-Key, 1*full size Mini PCIe, with SIM card slot, supports 4G LTE, opt. onboard WIFI6+ BT5.0. DC 9-36V wide power input, is suitable for industrial applications such as logistics visual inspection, AGV, AMR and intelligent connected vehicle MEC.


New Product  CNTI-R351

Product Highlights

No.1 High Energy Efficiency SOC

Integrating multiple cores of CPU+GPU+NPU, ULT BGA package is highly integrated and highly reliable.

No.2 ALL IN ONE Onboard Design

SOC+memory+eMMC is AII IN ONE onboard design, a more reasonable and convenient PCBA implementation solution, which improves reliability and reduces product size.

No.3 More Networking Solutions

4 Gigabit Ethernet ports + 4G LTE + Wifi6 + BT5.0, providing multi-category network communication capabilities to meet the needs of a wider range of network applications.

No.4 Double photoelectric isolation CAN

Dual opto-isolated CAN-FD fieldbus interface (higher bandwidth, reliability and security), suitable for automotive communication and detection application scenarios.

No.5 High AI reasoning power

Mini PCIe can optionally support AI acceleration modules such as HAILO-8, increasing the computing power of AI reasoning to 26TOPS.

No.6 Mini size, ultra light weight

No.7 Flexible Installation & IO interface anti-falling design 

  • Choose different installation methods according to the different structural spaces of the application site.
  • After the power supply and IO interface are plugged into the connecting wire, the anti-tripping is used to reinforce it to prevent the connecting wire from falling off in a mobile environment.


Application Field


Order Specifications 


In the future, JHCTECH will always implement the strategic goal of scene-empowering product innovation, be proficient in products, continue to develop domestic series of products, and continuously launch products suitable for various scene applications to enrich product coverage.


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