A full range of thermal design and First-class thermal performance

The cooling performance of the whole system is an important condition for the reliable operation of fanless industry. JHCTECH has carried out a full range of thermal analysis, testing and verification from the motherboard to the whole system, both the small resistance and the all parts of the whole machine, JHCTECH had carried out a rigorous temperature analysis and testing. We not only make sure that the temperature of the motherboard don’t beyond the specified range, and the temperature of the whole shell is strictly controlled, which ensure the stable operation for a long time effectively.

The machine thermal analysis :

In design, each part is oriented by the optimal cooling performance. Furthermore, JHCTECH locates R&D direction with the most perfect cooling solution.

Thermally conductive material selection :


JHCTECH is fundamentally based on the thermal performance. What's more, Our products are world-renowned and high-end.

Motherboard Thermal Analysis :


JHCTECH monitor each IC temperature at high temperature. Thus, our products are long-lasting and stable.


Design Verification :


Design verification is the collision between theory and practice and also the product quality and development efficiency. We put quality in the first place.

New product radiator design :


The fanless industrial computer uses the passive cooling, all the energy is spread to the air through the radiator, so it is very important for the design and radiator optimization. Especially in the case of limited size of the product, the radiator optimization is more important. JHCTECH R&D team have a wealth of experience and professional technology in the product thermal design. For any product we will carry out complex computer aided analysis, optimization, and ultimately tailored to a specific type of heat dissipation shell. Ensuring the reliability and stability of fanless products.