Company Culture

Company Culture

JHCTECH Corporate Culture V2.0 :


Brand strategy : Independent innovation, Wisdom in China.

Business philosophy : Focus on the industry, expertise in products, and excel in services.

Strategic slogan : Promote industry to the world and bring honor back to China.

Corporate Mission : Committed to building a smarter planet and a smarter future.

Corporate Spirit Humility, loyalty, innovation, seriousness, solidarity, learning, perseverance.

Corporate Vision : Better lose than lose Integrity. Become a model of smart IoT ecological commercial civilization that keeps integrity, values quality, dares to bear, and seeks win-win results.

Core values : integrity, gratitude, responsibility.



Eight values :

1. Create maximum value for users with technological innovation;

2. Adhere to long-termism, work hard and enjoy the joy of work;

3. Any methodology is measured by core values and corporate spirit;

4. Learning is vitality, and all manifestation  are ultimately the reflect of ability;

5. The interest of the team is the highest interest, and the individual must obey the organization;

6. The criterion of success is achieving the goal, and efficiency and action are the key;

7. Empathy, not egalitarianism, oppose opportunism;

8. Link symbiosis, achieve others, and benefit society.