2021 June

2021 June


2021 June JHCTECH & LS LiDAR Solution webinar : Advanced Intelligent Transportation Systems Based on High Performance Lidar Technologies


Together with our Technology partner LEISHEN, we will explore the Integration of Embedded Systems with High Performance Lidar solutions. This is indeed an exciting topic, as Lidar tech is becoming a must to have product for the majority of Transportation projects whether in direction of Infrastructure or Automotive.

JHCTECH will brief you all together on the market trend and how we prepare ourselves to provide worldwide Intelligent Transportation System solutions, like ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) and some other in-vehicle computer system like Police vehicle/police motorcycle mobile patrol monitoring system, Intelligent Parking System, Intelligent Vehicles..etc.

We also show you an overview of the key features of our industrial embedded computer KMDA-3202, KMDA-3230, KMDA-3920, Edge AI (Artificial intelligent) GPU computer BRAV -7302, and multitouch panel ALAD-A1001T.


Come and join us next time on JHCTECH live webinar to interact with our team face to face and ask any questions you have! 




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