Design and Manufacturing Services

Design and Manufacturing Services

JHCTECH provides high-quality design and manufacturing services in the industry.

Design and Manufacturing Services (DMS) provides excellent end-to-end services throughout the entire process from product concept and product development to product manufacturing and service. All services go through a series of sophisticated processes and are monitored by professionals to ensure the highest level of product quality, reliability and durability.

Why choose JHCTECH

  • Based on nearly 20 years of experience in the industrial control industry and keeping close relationships with many partners such as Intel, and has established a technological leadership position.
  • Focus on R & D investment and have a group of high-level R & D team personnel
  • Outstanding quality and service

Cooperation method

Customers can choose multiple ways to cooperate with JHCTECH: commission JHCTECH to produce its existing products, customize existing standards products, and work with JHCTECH's product department to develop new products. To supervise the projects from product concept to on-time delivery, and 100% design and manufacturing by JHCTECH DMS. JHCTECH’s DMS can provide a large or small amount of customized services to meet the diverse needs of different customers.


  • Committed to product delivery and let products to market quickly
  • Long life cycle management
  • Cost savings across the entire product supply value chain
  • Reduce customer investment in R & D, manufacturing expenses and inventory

Quality Management

The quality management of JHCTECH is based on a set of strict quality assurance feedback systems. The reliable and consistent feedback provided by the system during the design, manufacturing and service stages can ensure progress and quality get continuous improvement to meet customer needs.

Manufacturing quality assurance is performed under the TL9000 (ISO-9001) standard. All products of JHCTECH are produced and tested in an anti-static environment. In addition, these products must be tested rigorously on the production line, including dynamic and static testing.

Service quality assurance includes technical support and repair services. This is an important window for JHCTECH to serve customer needs. According to customer feedback, coordinate with R & D and production departments, and strive to solve customer problems and improve our service level as soon as possible.